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Welcome to GDSPrinting API!

GDSPrinting is a pure Java(tm)* library for printing from Java. The purpose of this library is to make printing (as in toner/ink printing) simple things, simple from Java. If you're reading this, you may have already found Java lacking in easy to use print APIs. This library aims to make your simple printing ambitions a reality.

So far, the PlainPrint and FormattedPrint are completed. Their parent class and the other two Print classes are in verying stages, but not complete. Feel free to donate code to this project if you get something working before I have.

All You'll Need to Know

Version 0.2 of the GDSPrinting API is in the jar, 'gdsprint_0_2.jar'. The Classes that may interest you are enumerated below:

PlainPrint - Prints a String to the printer.  **finished**

FormattedPrint - Build a simple formatted document by adding text,
italics, bolding, section titles, document titles and even add
images from the file system. **finished**

HtmlPrint - Dump HTML as a string and have it format and print.

ComponentPrint - Print AWT and Swing components

GDSPrinting - The parent of all the *Print classes.

See the Javadocs for more details about these classes and sample code. Any code releases, news and source can be found on Source Forge.

If you're reading this in hopes of finding a simple "Hello World" example that doesn't require the GDSPrinting API, check this link out:

Many happy print outs to you and your kin ;-)

Gene Davis
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independent of Sun Microsystems.